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Italy is best known in the world for the four “F's”: food, fashion, furniture, and Ferrari. However, there is another Italian sector which, over the last ten years, has established itself as an international leader: cleantech technology.

With over 330 thousand plants in service, 11 TWh products and three times the power available compared to 2010, Italy  came in as the second country in the world for installed photovoltaic capacity in 2012.  At the end of 2012, plants powered by renewable sources  represented about  37% of the total power installed in Italy and 31% of the total gross output. The number of RES plants in Italy continued to grow reaching 484,587 in 2012.

GSE, through the Corrente Project, supports Italian Institutions and companies in the sector by promoting and supporting activities in the cleantech industry. Foreign Institutions and companies   interested in getting in touch with the Italian worlds of renewable energy and energy efficiency  can contact the staff of the Corrente Project at


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